"Mr. Jim" Merrills



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"Very entertaining! The assemblies were age appropriate for our Y5-5th."

Shelly McBride, Principal

Central Elementary

White Pigeon Schools


"Highly engaging and dynamic! He expertly infused magic into his message, about the skills necessary in becoming an author, and motivated students to use their senses and imaginations in their writing."

Terry Breen, Principal

Gobles Elementary


"Delightful! I would recommend him for any age school assembly."

Beth Kallimani, Teacher

Jimtown Elementary (IN)


Reading   wRiting    aRithmetic

"Mr. Jim" Merrills has magically combined the major elements of education into one presentation! As an author (Mr. Jim's Magical Secrets and Magicians in the Making), he knows the importance of reading, writing, arithmetic, and other skills-like art, and shows how each of them were necessary in the creation of his books.

Merrills' books have been praised by masterful magicians and librarians, and his skills in working with children (school and library programs) has been recognized by schools and libraries across the country. Now, he brings the elements of his successes--the 3 "R's"--to the attention of children, in order to encourage them in their elementary academic skills.


In these grade-by-grade (FULL DAY) presentations, children learn how important reading is. In fact, Mr. Jim points out that most magicians possess their own libraries, because magic is learned through good books.

In addition, children see how magic tricks in library books come to life, as Mr. Jim demonstrates some of his favorite tricks, explaining why they became part of his magic camp.


Next, Mr. Jim reveals the the importance of writing, showing how he began years ago by writing down simple magic tricks for children. Then he shows how those writings evolved into a booklet, and then a book--and it all began with a pencil and a piece of paper!


But without arithmetic, no book could have been published. Students learn how math plays a significant part in laying out, publishing, and selling a book. And did you know that most magic tricks are dependent on math in some way?