"Mr. Jim" Merrills



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The presentation had a combination of personal stories, media and magic--all relevant to the topic.

Everyone was involv-ed and engaged. The information and message really hit home with the students.

Cam Kiesgen, Health Teacher

Paw Paw high school

Before entering the public speaking circuit, Mr. Jim served as a Substance Abuse therapist and prevention specialist. He has now combined his background experience, a captivating multi-media presentation, and unique visual aids, to create an engaging learning experience for young adults, from middle school (Project ALERT certified) to the military. The full-day program format typically consist of an all-student assembly, followed by multiple breakout sessons. The convocation sets the stage by touching on key issues surrounding alcohol use, like binge-drinking. Then there's the matter of certain people groups being targeted by the alcohol industry, and the fact that we really can't trust what we're shown through ads.
Of course, mixing alcohol with other drugs can have fatal consequences. The information is so sobering that you can often hear "a pin drop." But that's only the beginning.

The breakout sessions provide an opportunity to examine alcohol consumption in more detail, addressing illusions and myths, and walking the students through a user's daily life-style which is underlying in his abuse.

"An engaging and interactive experience."



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Through role-playing, we come to see how mis-spelling "intoxicated" can result in fatal accidents.

Approximately 500 young women will no longer be living in your state twelve months from now.

Let's be honest. We face enough problems. Adding alcohol to the mix only makes these worse.

People change their life-style choices for many reasons. Here is one message that's worth repeating.

Visualizing the negative impact of alcohol abuse on the family unit. My assistant is a "professional counselor."

Through a simple demonstration, students come to see that you can't "beLIEve" everything you're told.


David Eichberg, Principal - Berrien Springs High School

"The 'Alcohol Free' presentation was informative and well received. The facts and consequences of underage drinking and alcohol abuse was clearly presented. Our students demonstrated a high level of interest and understanding...thought provoking and powerful. Thank you for caring so deeply about kids and for your heart to help."


Cam Kiesgen, Health Teacher - Paw Paw High School

"It really hit home with the students."


Tim Cervin, Principal - Lawton Middle School

"I have nothing to add. Mr. Jim nailed it!"


Sarah Dickman, Counselor - Centreville Jr./Sr. High

The presentations, delivered with springtime events--such as spring break, prom and graduation--just around the corner, was a hit with our entire student body (7-12)! The combination of magic and stories was a great way to share the facts about alcohol, and other drugs, and the potential legal, social and emotional consequences of their use. This is a great program for schools to consider!


Don Price, Principal/Julie Knight, At-risk staff Volinia Outcomes HS

Jim said at the start that he would make the students think without preaching to them, and that is exactly what he did. Well done!
The presentation was just right for our students. Students will remember your message and will be able to make better choices in the future.

Lt. Col. David DePinho, Chaplain, USAF

"I have personally invited Mr. Jim to speak to our air personnel and their children about alcohol and other drug use on many of our Air Force bases, both within and outside the United States. Every program is an engaging and interactive experience. As his presentations bear out, his motivation is driven by the fact that he genuinely cares about young people. I cannot recommend his programs strongly enough."