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...Using a scale to teach how some foods have more ‘weight’ (calories) was clever and creative. You use an effective 2-way communication model.

Kathy Crosthwaile

4th Grade Teacher

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Letter of Reccomendation

  Almost any one will tell you that nothing is more important than one’s health—this is especially true of our children! This presentation is designed to teach children about proper nutrition and reinforce many of the messages that they learn in school about a healthy lifestyle (i.e., healthy food choices, exercise, rest, fresh air).

Explaining the healthy “brain test”

“Concentrate on what’s inside the box.  No, not orange juice!”

What do the elementary teacher’s have to say?


“The students seemed to really enjoy this at this age.”


“The participation is great!”


“Great visual props!”


“Even kindergarten will understand these lessons.”


“I always enjoy the ‘magical’ touch!”


 “The ‘Go’ or ‘Whoa’ game was well done.”


“A general program on health is long overdue!”

Our helpers display food groups.  They do not know that a magical prediction is hidden inside each envelope!



We learned we should drink #1 or #2 milk,

not the whole cow!

“Our body is mostly made of water, so why isn’t it blue like the ocean?”