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Meet Mr. Jim!

Mr. Jim is a national school presenter, educator, and author. A prevention specialist and Project Alert certified, he has uniquely combined his professional background with prestidigitation (magical) skills. Having reached millions of students coast to coast, his presentations incorporate life-skills and character-development information. His use of illusions (visual aids) and hands-on programs make his messages unforgettable!

Unlike most “shows,” the elementary presentations are generally offered in a full-day, grade-by-grade format, providing a better atmosphere for participation and learning. Middle/high school programs generally begin with an all-student assembly, with follow-up classroom presentations. Optional evening programs encourage family involvement.

Experience the Magic


  • See the Magic... Hear the Message... Feel mesmerized while entertained... Our audiences of students and staff were totally rapt as they listened to the true-life experiences... while impressed by the mastery of the illusions. That's learning at its best!

    Bobbie Margolis, MCADY Red-Ribbon Drug-Free Trainer/Coordinator

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  • His magic show has a twist - it combines drug awareness with entertainment. From the sound of the applause, it seems the students understood.

    TV 6 News, MI

  • His presentations give meaning to the words, 'family values.'

    Christian Youth Ministries Convention (IN)

  • His performance at our annual conference was enjoyable and received enthusiastically. I would recommend this presentation to anyone!

    Integral Institute on Addictions

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Drug Prevention Tip

From the Daily News, Aug 30, 1996

Here are a few questions an individual can ask as a screening tool for detection of problem drinking or alcoholism:

  • Have you ever felt you ought to cut down on your drinking?

Tips Updated Regularly. . .

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Magic U Can Do!

The Girls’ Favorite:

To perform this popular but simple trick, place an elastic band around both your index and middle fingers of your right hand, with your palm facing you, and fingers pointing upwards.

Tricks Updated Regularly. . .

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