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“Students all week have been coming to me to show me their abilities and demonstrate their new skills...”

Randall Button, MSW

Middle School Counselor

SAP Coordinator

"Experience the Magic" offers a juggling program with an educational format for elementary, middle or high school, and community groups. This program combines education with hands-on physical activity. It is generally accomplished through small groups (25-100), during a full-day schedule. Concepts during the presentation include:

    Setting Goals
    Staying Focused on Tasks
    Coping with Fears, Setbacks and Failures
    Dealing with Peer "Put-downs"
    Gaining Gratification through Effort
    Establishing Self-Confidence
    Learning through "Steps"
    Development of "Fine" Motor Skills (often neglected in middle schools)
    Recognizing the Value of Rules and Guidelines

The sessions begin with basic motions and motor-skills, advancing through structured step work. Students and teachers alike will learn to advance and improve their own personal skills during the hands-on excercises. National juggling associations point out that juggling improves student concentration, sequencing and motor skills, coordination and self-esteem, and persistence, as well as being an inexpensive, self-motivating and energy-filled activity.