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3 Rules of a

Good Magician


NEVER reveal your secret


Never perform the same trick twice


Practice.  Practice.


The Girls' Favorite


Rubberband or ponytail hair-tie


To perform this popular but simple trick, place an elastic band around both your index and middle fingers of your right hand, with your palm facing you, and fingers pointing upwards. With the left hand index finger down inside the band, stretch the band toward the spectator, then toward yourself, and a little to your left. With the band stretched in this position, bend the four finger tips of your right hand down inside the rubber band loop, so that the band lies against the back of fingers when gently released. (From the spectator's view the rubber band is still around the index and middle fingers only.) When you lift the four fingers up, the band will quickly and mysteriously appear to jump over to the ring and little fingers! Practice this in front of the mirror until you are ready and confident.

Have fun!

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