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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Jim, who I have personally known for most of my 20 year career as Sheriff.... I highly recommend his abilities to get these important messages across to students...

Matt Lori, Sheriff

St. Joseph County, MI

“Meth” has rapidly spread from coast to coast, and may be America’s biggest drug epidemic; it has
destroyed innumerable houses, by fire and explosions; it has cost thousands of children their homes and families; and, countless lives have been lost because of it. And that isn’t the half of it!

But when (in the winter of 2004) the violent symptoms of Meth directly impacted Mr. Jim’s family, he determined to confront this abusive drug by exposing it, for what it really is and does. Partnering with members of the Oregon Meth Task Force (OMTF), Mr. Jim participated in enhancing a power-point media presentation designed for middle and high school students. This presentation is now available for your students.

Who Wants To Be A Meth–Awareness Millionaire?


   Using a popular game-show format, Mr. Jim guides the students through an overview of Meth. Students learn about Meth’s history, some of the dangerous ingredients used in the production of Meth, its potential damage to the human body and surrounding environments, the negative social and economic impact, its addictive propensities, and much more. (Note: there is no emphasis on the production or methods of usage!) 

This was found beside a child’s bed!

Children are exposed to unsafe, even fatal, environments

The victims

Do children recognize the difference between Meth and Rock Candy?

The overall cost to our communities is enormous!

Meth leaves violence in its wake


Hamilton Heights High School (Cicero, IN) – Steve Stern, Health Instructor / Sterling Boles, Principal

Jim’s presentation on Meth was outstanding! He spoke to 320 students (combined Health classes), through seven mini-assemblies, over the course of the day. His knowledge of the facts, his wit, along with his unique way of engaging our students drew them to his message. Jim’s approach as a speaker is refreshing—He does not attempt to threaten or scare the students. He presents the facts in such a way that the ultimate choice they need to make is clear.


I have always been impressed with Jim’s ability to gain the trust of our students through meaningful interactions.  He has been a tremendous asset to our health curriculum. And our students always respond very well to him and his message. His message is timely, and accurate, and presented with a genuine concern for the students. Teaching is obviously his passion.


Mendon High School – Charles Frisbee, Superintendent

Obviously, this presentation is needed in our, and surrounding, communities—right now!


Hastings Middle School – Mark Martin, Asst. Principal

We cycle our grades through Mr. Jim’s drug, violence, and Meth presentations. Every eighth-grader will gain a better understanding of Meth (which has had annegative impact on our county and student families) before they go on to the high school. 


Marcellus High School – Robyn Houghton, Health Teacher

This is a wonderful way to reach students with this important subject. They want to participate!


Delton High School – Rick Arnette, Principal

The grade-by-grade presentations (with approximately 150 students in each grade) was an effective way to reach all of our students.


Lawton Middle School – Tim Cervin, Principal

Just like all of Mr. Jim’s other presentations, the presentation on Meth was well received by the students.