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It is rare to find a middle school program that can equally captivate, entertain and educate, all at once!

Helen Rode,

Department Chairman

Island Trees Public Schools,



His finale was very spell-binding!  I highly recommend doing everything in your power to find the funds . . . it will be money well spent.

Judi Kingsbury,

Guidance Counselor

Climax/Scotts Jr/Sr High

Books by Mr Jim

Now offering a dozen specially tailored, age-appropriate programs for schools, libraries, church groups, and more!!  Click program title for information and details...


USA Today recently did a survey that said the top teen concern was violence at school. Using age appropriate patter, this presentation focuses on issues like power, conflict, negative feelings and anger, forms of violence, "bullying", dating and abuse, prejudice, and acceptance.


Grade-appropriate presentations focus on healthy choices, personal responsibility, and much more! Our longest running program, this is a favorite for many schools.


A hands-on program that builds on skills like coordination, concentration, motivation, determination, perseverance, team-work, and much more!  One of our most requested and popular program--now with Jumbo Cups and a teacher Competition.  We can also provide you with the resource information to add this cutting-edge sport to your school's physical education program.


A hands-on presentation that focuses on setting goals, staying focused on tasks, coping with setbacks, dealing with "put downs", gaining gratification through personal effort, and building self confidence.


Combining visual aids with a “touch” of magic, we cover the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Content includes: identifying healthy foods, maintaining a balanced lifestyle (e.g., exercise, rest), learning how foods “add up” in our body, and much more. Adolescent health is a primary concern in our society and this presentation provides an excellent foundation for further classroom dialogue.

3 R’s (K-5)

Students take a magical and visual journey with Mr. Jim – author of Magical Secrets and Magicians in the Making – as he demonstrates why reading, writing and arithmetic are all necessary for someone who wishes to become an author. Along the way, students discover how a book comes to life, beginning with only a piece of paper.


Power Point presentation, designed in cooperation with the Oregon Meth Task Force. The presentation addresses the problem from a variety of viewpoints.

MATH (5-8)

Most people don’t realize how dependent magic is on MATH. In these presentations, students are challenged to figure out how the magician does it. (Click on this TITLE and read what students had to say).


Magic is a fantastic way for older students to convey important messages (e.g., drug-free, safe choices, respect) to younger students. Plan now to invite Mr. Jim in for a peer-training presentation. Upon learning basic magic principles and presentation skills, your students will be equipped and empowered to teach important messages to their peers.


“Mr. Jim” offers a summer program for libraries based on the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s theme. Or you can choose from one of our other exciting programs: Sport (cup) Stacking, juggling, balloon sculpting, or our ever-popular Magic Camp—books come to life as children learn one-on-one magic from a magician! (If there isn’t a camp near you, scroll down and order our “text book” Magical Secrets.)

Gospel Events

“Mr. Jim” uses Scripture, life experience, and powerful illusions to illustrate spiritual principles.  His topics include, “Trusting God for Your Needs”; “Being Sure What You BeLIEve”; “God’s Amazing Way Out”...  Hear the Gospel presented like you’ve never seen or heard before!


Taylor an event for that loved one’s birthday, corporate event, or something just extra special.  Pick a program that fits your time, needs, and budget.  We won’t disappoint!