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What principals and teachers, and others are saying about this program...

  • Just awesome!

  • This is unbelievable!

  • It's great to see other kids win for a change
  • This will really help them [students] in other classes
  • I haven't seen the kids this excited, or so motivated in a long time!

Mr. Jim worked with over 700 students! Students were kept on task while challenged.

Nancy Repp, Phys. Ed.

Portage N&W Middle Schools

Portage, MI

It is rare to find a middle school program that can equally captivate, entertain and educate, all at once!

Helen Rode,

Department Chairman

Island Trees Public Schools,


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It is rare to find a middle school program that can equally captivate, entertain and educate, all at once!

Helen Rode,

Department Chairman

Island Trees Public Schools,


Experience the Magic has added the newest, coolest, student activity, now sweeping across the nation -- SPORT STACKING! (formerly called Cup Stacking). Elementary, middle and high school students agree, sport stacking is colorful, fun and furiously fast! And that is just the beginning.

Sport stacking begins on the floor, creating an "even playing field" for all participants. Students then up and down stack a series of pyramids (3/6/10's) at amazing speeds! Best of all, the activities are self-motivating--students WANT to do better! And the excitement grows as they develop partnerships and utilize teamwork. It all adds up to, FUN!

Now add to this the increased coordination of hands and eyes, use of both sides of the body and brain, and improved concentration, and you'll readily understand why physical education teachers are adding this program to their school. (See the letters below.)

(In fact, sport stacking is now used in basketball camps, and among professional athletes, because of its tremendous assets. It is no wonder that Nickelodeon and the national news have covered its benefits for kids!)

But the learning doesn't stop there! Similar to our other programs, Experience the Magic integrates important life-skills with the activities. For example, managing "fumbles" in our class subjects, and life. Or, developing a solid "foundation" in our studies, and friendships. And, of course, the power of cooperation and "team work." Yes, sport stacking lends itself to many academic and life-skill areas.


"The level of excitement among students, staff and parents is uncanny. Sport stacking has even taken precedent over TV watching at home for many of my students. One parent even told me that the TV didn’t get turned on all weekend! (When was the last time an activity --particularly one introduced in school--overshadowed television and computer games?)

"Sport stacking is an activity that levels the playing field between the athletically inclined students and the non-athletes. In fact, in many cases, the females dominate. (Not surprising, knowing that a female--Emily Fox--holds the world record time.) Common comments from students are, “Hey, I can do this!” The fact is, EVERYONE can sport stack--from the students in our Young Fives program through fifth graders. Students work diligently to progress, to become faster and more proficient. Instant improvement is very common in this activity. Sport stacking also allows kids to be competitive in a cooperative and constructive manner. Head-to-head races with friends and team relays are a blast, while winning and losing is no longer important.

"I highly recommend the implementation of cup stacking into any physical education program, at any grade level. The $300-plus investment for a class-set is one of the best investments I could make."

John Dunlop is the K-12 Physical Education Department Team Leader and teacher for the Portage (MI) Public Schools, and coordinator for the GREAT LAKES SPORT STACKING CHAMPIONSHIPS.

We only use, genuine speedstacks.com products, "The Leader in Sport Stacking". (Use the link above to learn more about Speed Stacks, and to see an incredible video, featuring the world Sport Stacking champion, Emily Fox!

“Mr. Jim has been authorized by Speed Stacks, Inc. to promote sport stacking with Speed Stacks brand products.”

Bob Fox, President, Speed Stacks