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"We need to educate our youth about the potential dangers."
Marc Kramer, Prin.

Mendon Midd/HS

"The negative impact of social media is one of the most important issues facing our schools today. I encourage you to consider this newest offering."
Jim Bermingham,
Former Super.
Berrien Springs Dist.

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"Take Back Your THINK!" addresses issues related to social media, and is designed for grades K-12.

Elementary: Social media is leaving a mark on our children! Today, 1 out of 5 children (ages 8-10) are using some type of devise to engage in social media. About 5 million children under age 13 are currently using Facebook.

This age-appropriate presentation combines multi-media and magic to highlight the pros and cons of social media and the need for us to always THINK for ourselves. We discuss how communication has evolved and how the present forms could cause us to miss out on important features of daily life, like play, nature, activities with our friends and family interaction. The assembly concludes by discussing some of the many other things that we could do with our time and energy. (Schools may prefer two assemblies: K-2, 3-5.) 

Midd/HS: Communication has undergone a dramatic change in a very short period of time. As a result, our teens are deeply involved in new forms of social net-working—about 80% access social media daily! This has created many problems in social, behavioral and other areas. We’ve reached the point where counselors are using words like “nomophobia” and “addiction” to describe our youth. Add to this the growing anxiety over self-identity! As all of this takes a toll on academics and productivity, the director for the Center for Teaching reduces the situation to three words: “Teens can’t think!’”  

Combining multi-media with a touch of magic, this presentation engages students in a thought-provoking manner. Teens need the opportunity to reflect on their current behaviors and examine the potential consequences that their choices may have on their lives. A former prevention specialist in addictions, Mr. Jim goes beyond the monitor to show how deception and fear are the driving-force behind many relationships created through social media, often resulting in violent or addictive behavior. The program is designed as an all-student assembly, followed by grade-level interactive groups.









Marc Kramer, Principal - Mendon Midd/High School

We have invited Mr. Jim to speak over many years. His presentations are creative, informative and entertaining, and an excellent investment. I’m looking forward to his newest program, ‘Take Back Your THINK!’ Social media is a growing problem within our schools and we need to educate our youth about its potential dangers.

Jim Bermingham, former Superintendent - Berrien Springs, High School

The negative impact of social media on our students is one of the most important issues facing our schools today. After approaching me and others about this topic, Jim Merrills has developed a K-12 multi-media presentation to inform and engage our students. His presentations on a drug-free lifestyle, anti-bullying and personal success have been a regular and welcomed addition to my school district. I encourage school administrators to consider this newest offering."


Lt. Col. David DePinho, Chaplain, USAF

We cannot afford to wait until after high school to address the growing issues related to social media! As a family counselor, I believe that Mr. Jim’s newest presentation should be reaching our youth in middle school, and probably the elementary.”